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Making Now: Big Bad Baby Blanket

The BeginningSometimes I knit. I wouldn’t call myself a knitter though. The very small number of projects I complete each decade does not really raise me to the knitter level, much like a couple 12-minute miles on a treadmill twice a week in no way makes me a runner.

However, when I do knit, I love it. I recently completed a pair of legwarmers for a friend to help her through those long, cold Chennai nights (HA!), and she has thankfully received them finally. For a while there, the thought of Indian postal workers wearing blue legwarmers under their saris and dancing to “Maniac” haunted my dreams.

I have this one project though that seems to be the bane of my knitting existence. I started the Big Bad Baby Blanket (pattern from Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook) nearly three years ago. I was not sure who I was knitting it for, but since I seem to be in that phase of life where my friends are having babies, I assumed someone would need a baby blanket soon.

Since I started this blanket, about six babies have been born into my circle. But the blanket – not so much finished. Maybe it’s the awkward circular needle with its stiff and unyielding wire. Or maybe it’s the futzy, thin, doubled yarn that keeps falling off the needles. Whatever it is – the blanket refuses to be done. I often put it away in my knitting bag so that it cannot mock me with its lack of completion or guilt me into staying away from Knitty and all its pretty patterns.

I made myself promise that I would not buy more yarn, start any other projects, or even walk into a Michael’s again until this blanket is finished.

It’s a battle of wills, baby, and I will win. Oh yes, blanket, you are so done.

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