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Enjoying Now: Thundercats – The Movie

This fan-made video combines scenes from other movies, such as X-Men, Lord of the Rings, something with Vin Diesel in it (I’m not much a Diesel fan – more an unleaded gal), and painting over them to create a trailer for an imaginary Thundercats movie. This guy deserves a job somewhere. And I would so go see this movie.

Also, after I watched this video, I had the Thundercats theme in my head for days.

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats! Thundercats HOOOOOO!


19 January 2009
Enjoying Now: The Animal Odd Couple

I love elephants. I love dogs. So of course I love this video. The only way it could be better would be if there was a male giraffe pretending it was gay so as not to tip off the groundskeeper for a little Three’s Company flava.

I challenge you to watch this video and not get a bit teary-eyed. If you don’t, you’re not human. Or, not to be redundant, you like cats.


14 January 2009
Enjoying Now: Pushing Daisies

Pushing DaisiesHELL NO.

That was my reaction when I heard that ABC canceled my favorite show Pushing Daisies. If you had watched the show, which I’m sure most of you did not, my reaction would be a lot funnier. But since many of you are probably too busy watching that inane Two and a Half Men (Charlie Sheen as comedic genius? I mean, c’mon!), you probably just think I’m being crude. No, I’m being funny. You just don’t get it.

So, here’s the concept: Guy who can bring the dead back to life for one minute joins forces with private detective to make a little money. Except guy complicates things by bringing childhood sweetheart back to life for good. Hilarity ensues.

Sounds absolutely delightful, right? Right? Okay, so then why didn’t you watch it?! And why is ABC canceling it? What will Kristin Chenoworth do now with her bad little self? And why are there not more knitting detectives on TV?

I love everything about Pushing Daisies, from the characters to the quirky stories to the colorful sets and fashion to an undead dog named Digby. My Wednesday nights will definitely be more dreary without this weekly pick-me-up. I will be downloading all of the episodes as soon as I have a little excess cash.

Now if only I could figure out how to make sure those evil, heartless executives at ABC do not benefit from my purchase. Because they’ll probably just spend it on another episode of Wife Swap, and I cannot allow that.

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