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About Me and My Wandering

This blog began in May 2008 as a way to keep friends and family up to date on my life in Chennai, India, where I was working as a volunteer justice doer for eight months, and on my wanderings about South and Southeast Asia. (This is not the beginning of my story, though; that can be read at my first blog The Real Africa.)

I returned home in November 2008 to my superhero husband and his wily sidekick, Chili D. Dog, Esq. (Together they join forces with Zoom Chicken to fight the villainous Turbo Turkey and his evil henchman Gangrenous Guinea.) I have continued writing because my husband says I’m good at it. And I’m unemployed. So it’s something to do to fight off the rising panic.

This blog lives on to document my thoughts as a repatriated citizen of the U.S. and my now occasional wanderings from this here home base. I hope you enjoy it.

Ten Random Facts (with explanation) about Me:

  1. In 2008, I set foot in eight countries – Zambia, Botswana, England, India, Singapore, Thailand, Scotland, and the good ol’ US of A. Actually, make that nine – Mike and I stepped over a dismantled barbed-wire fence into Zimbabwe for all of thirty seconds while waiting for our safari ride in Botswana. Take that, Mugabe!
  2. I refuse to put two spaces after periods at the end of sentences. It’s like dead air, and I will have none of it.
  3. A myth that I am an organized person seems to have built up around me. I am actually highly disorganized and wish I had enough cash to steal back the world’s best assistant from the evil clutches of Grubhub, so she could help me find my brain again.
  4. I graduated salutatorian of my high school class. The girl who was valedictorian wrote in my 8th-grade yearbook that she would beat me in high school (academically, not literally – I totally could have taken her in a fight). That still kind of creeps me out.
  5. I fear squirrels. Especially English squirrels. With their beady, soul-sucking eyes.
  6. Every TV show I have ever truly loved has either (a) been canceled before its time, e.g., Pushing Daisies (Shame on you for not watching this show. You are awful people.), or (b) lived much, much longer than it should have, causing me to write letters to network execs begging them to take it off the air so I could return to my regularly-scheduled life, e.g., The X-Files.
  7. I’m seriously craving a Jell-o Pudding Pop. Like, always.
  8. I have a phobia of being the only customer in a store. If I go to the mall alone, I refuse to enter a store unless at least one other person is there to deflect some of the salespeople’s attention. Yes, I know it’s weird. No, I won’t get over it.
  9. I dream about going back to school and regularly check out Ph.D. programs on the webernets. I’m really good at school. Real life? Not so much.
  10. I love words, especially words that are fun to say. I often force my dog to listen to me saying nuggety, nougaty, Eskimo, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
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  1. Unity permalink
    26 September 2008 7:32 pm

    5 a.m., Jem and the Holograms–truly OUTRAGEOUS!!

    HAHAHAHAHA!! That is awesome–girl, I loved that cartoon. I think I have my halloween costume now–excellent!

    Miss you!

  2. Uncle Mark permalink
    27 December 2008 6:33 am

    Chris–Your musings are way fun to read!! I got a bit choked up when Obama was elected, too….Yes, it is the victory of hope over fear, but he has his hands full!
    Loved your writings about London; I miss that city so much!
    Was India that cool??? I’ve heard much about it, but not all that positive. I’m sure it depends on where you were, etc…..
    Way back in the early 80s, when the Berlin Wall still mattered, the owners of a restaurant in Thiensville managed to get their uncle and aunt to the US on a visa. They landed in Chicago from Berlin, then drove up to Milwaukee. As they drove past the northern suburbs of Chicago, the uncle started swearing, which he apparently almost never did, saying that the then East German government lied to them about how lousy life was in the US, just showing them the ghettoes (which are still to plentiful, of course). Then they walked into the produce department of what was then Kohl’s food store, and the aunt started crying because she was so overwhelmed by the choices everyone had, just in the produce department. So yes, we are horribly spoiled here…..But then, a lot of people have worked very hard to make those resources that valuable!
    Makes my heart glad to hear what you’re doing for humanity! Keep up the good work! Hi to Mike, and next time get him some Cheerios; it doesn’t have any fake sugar! 😉
    Best to you–Uncle Mark

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