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Peeves: Not just a Harry Potter ghost

29 January 2009

One of my major pet peeves, something that really gets me riled up, right there under “toothpaste in the sink,” is a person who compares him/herself to great humanitarian leaders when there really is no comparison.

I mean, if MLK, Jr., had said “Gandhi, he and I are a lot alike, you know,” that would not have bothered me. Because it’s true. But, say, when Rod Blagojevich starts whinging about his life and how persecuted he is and how he’s just like Gandhi, King, Nelson Mandela, etc., I want to give him paper cuts with a copy of The Story of My Experiments with Truth. Then maybe he’d know what persecution really is. (I’m really not violent and would never do this, but, oooh, does he get my goat!)

The verdict’s still out on whether this same level of disdain applies when someone else compares two people. Take, for instance, when people say, “That Angelina Jolie, she’s the Mother Teresa of the 21st century. But with bigger lips.”  I have heard these exact words said, by the way. Okay, maybe not the bigger lips part – that’s just a tape that plays in my head whenever anyone mentions her. Mother Teresa was one of my heroes, and her life continues to act as a testament of what it looks like to truly sacrifice for other people. Angelina, eh, not so much. Yes, yes, she’s done some good things, I’ll give you that, but c’mon – Mother Teresa? I don’t think so.

Now, Angie’s not going around calling herself “Mother Teresa Reincarnate” or anything like that, so I’m not going to hold it against her personally. (Though I am holding many other things against her personally, such as Gone in Sixty Seconds and allowing Brad to grow that ridiculous mustache. Yes, I did mean allowing – you think the man has any say in that relationship?) While it does irk me quite a bit when people make this comparison, I’m not to the level of involving famous pieces of human rights literature with this one.

I wasn’t going to write about Blago and his crazy pity party (yeah, just like I wasn’t going to write about the cold – clutching at straws here, it appears) because I know the real world is rolling their eyes at these comparisons just as much as I am, so there isn’t anything new to say. And, by “the real world,” I am not referring to the ladies of The View, by the way. I don’t know if I can ever forgive Whoopi for not just smacking Blago upside the head during that interview. (Man, maybe I am violent.)

However, then came that one person who I can always count on to provide the fodder when I need to rant. Of course, I’m talking about Kanye West. According to Paste magazine, Mr. West has tired of his own blasé name and has decided to combine the illustrious names of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Louis Vuitton to form a moniker. From now on, thou shalt call him “Martin Louis the King, Jr.”

In The King’s own words:

I understand that this is likely a joke, but, joke or not, my peeves are being petted the wrong way. Now, please excuse me while I go share a copy of “Letter from Birmingham Jail” with that webbing between Mr. West’s thumb and index finger. And I’m taking my goat back.

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  1. Unity permalink
    29 January 2009 10:06 am

    First, I would like to say that Peeves is not a ghost–he is a poltergiest and one of my peeves with the HP movies is that they do not feature him–GRRRR!! How flipping hard is that?!?!?!

    Second, I would like to give you a big ole WORD (for some reason, I am living in the 80’s lately) to your peeves. What on earth is Blago thinking comparing himself to those heroes?!?!? He is really is a piece of work. Also, Angelina does good work, but it would bug me if she compared herself to Mother Teresa as well–thanksfully she does not. As for Mr. Voice of this generation–someone needs to give him a swift kick in the A**. Oh my word, I cannot stand him (although, I will begrudginly admit that his music is catchy–sigh!).

    Third, perhaps you are a tad bit violent 😉

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