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And the Skye Opened Up

12 November 2008

Yes, I know I agreed to go to Scotland in November. Yes, I know that Scotland in November is bound to be rainy and cold. No, I did not think I was going to the Mediterranean. But seriously, I mean, seriously! Did it have to rain ev-e-ry day? And hail? That turned into snow? Really, Scotland? C’mon!

All that being said, I greatly enjoyed Scotland. It was exactly as I expected it to be. And, man, those Scots really are very, very friendly. It might have been the “Obama Effect,” i.e., the rest of the world is hopeful again that we’re not going to drop bombs on their heads, but I really don’t think so. I actually think they’re just genuinely nice people.

All in all, Scotland is a beautiful country with beautiful people. All rolling hills and snow-covered mountains, lochs and rivers and waterfalls, amazingly white and fluffy sheep, fuzzy cows, and horses that know to avoid electric fences even though the crazy city lady tries to coax them to fry themselves. I think Mike and I would consider moving there if it were not for the weather. (Yes, yes, I know Chicago isn’t any better, but all my stuff is there, so it’s just easier to accept it.)

And speaking of the weather, the Isle of Skye was insane. We were really experiencing weather there. Yeah! Crazy Tangent! — My sister Carrie and I flew to Miami when we were in our late teens to go to a friend’s wedding. While on the flight (ATA – after all, we were on vacation – anybody remember that?), a woman got up to go to the restroom while the seatbelt sign was illumined (I like that word). The flight attendant blocked her path and demanded, “Ma’am, we are experiencing weather. You must sit down.” When the woman refused, the attendant said, “Fine, you can do what you want. But I am warning you that we are experiencing weather.” It’s amazing that more than ten years later, we still talk about “experiencing weather.”

Anywho, Isle of Skye. It was windy, cold, rainy, snowy, hail-y. And we still tried to go out. Here are the results:

VIDEO 1: Mike and I try to go to the beach. If we had stretched out our arms, we could have flown off the island, what with the crazy wind.

VIDEO 2: Mike takes one for the team and decides to examine the hail up close to determine its correct size for accurate reporting. He determined it was about Nerd-candy-sized hail. Which means The Weather Channel would say it was golf-ball-sized.

Despite the weather, I have to admit – in the sun, rain, snow, whatever, the Isle of Skye and the Scottish Highlands is dang gorgeous country.

Scotland Collage

In other news, I just ate a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese at Heathrow. I never knew how wonderful cream cheese could be. Yum.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. D.A.D. permalink
    13 November 2008 7:20 am

    No golf? It’s not Scotland without golf.

  2. Ana permalink
    13 November 2008 10:42 am

    I love it. Thanks for taking one for the team Mike.

    P.S. Nice sco’ish accent

  3. Mom permalink
    13 November 2008 8:36 pm

    I’m so glad the insane twosome are together again. Looking forward to seeing you!


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