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A Beautiful Piece of Heartache

28 October 2008

I leave India in four hours.

Right now, I am sitting around the Penthouse’s dining room table with a bunch of friends, talking about experiencing and trusting God and striving for money. But look at us all, a bunch of volunteers who gave up our lives to come to India – what do we know about striving for money?

Yet we didn’t give up our lives – we gave up a part of it, sure, but have gained so, so much more.

For the past week, the song “Latter Days” by Over the Rhine has been running through my head pretty much non-stop. While the meaning might not be exactly on point, some of the words definitely resonate right now. India, this experience, gaining friends but still having to leave hem – yes, it is a beautiful piece of heartache.

Man, this is going to be hard.

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