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The final installment in a Tony Robbins’ motivational weekend

22 September 2008

Okay, I promised something fun today. One of my flatmates received the link to an awesome video called “The Renewed Mind is the Key” that I must share with you. Yes, at first the title may deceive you into thinking that this is the bootleg copy of the final session in a motivational Tony Robbins’ weekend, where you finally discover what will really change your life, make you a billion bucks, grow back all your hair, and convince the U.S. government to bail you out when it doesn’t work and you have to declare bankruptcy anyway. However, I promise you – it is much, much better than that.

If, for some reason, you can’t see the embedded video, here is the original source:

(Doop-ee-doo, lah-dee-dah, you done yet? No? You want to watch it again? Oh boy, do I understand that feeling… especially that part with the hand-over-the-head turn or the lock-step marching or where they break it down at the end or when they sing about “legal rights”…)

I’m hoping for the sake of those talented dancers (honestly, that guy got skilz) this video goes as viral as Grubhub on a college campus. (There are probably a few other things that are more viral on a college campus, such as some actual viruses, but I’m keeping expectations in a reasonable range here.) Ana and I decided that these dance moves would go particularly well with Pop! Goes My Heart from the Hugh Grant-joint Music and Lyrics. Try watching it again with that song playing in the background. Fun times!

A few of us round here are now planning to learn all the choreography and present it at the next office talent show. Actually, that would make an awesome episode of The Office … somebody get on that.

On a serious note, Mike, who is obviously more compassionate than I am, watched the video and was very concerned about the grave danger he perceived at the end that I had heartlessly missed:

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  1. 22 September 2008 1:09 am

    That’s not right! I am extremely weirded out and yet, entertained. I did notice the dive bombing dove. Yipe! I nearly died when they did the whole musical transition from chorus to chorus with a white girl ‘be-doo-be-doop’. Seriously.

  2. Michelle Hill permalink
    22 September 2008 5:50 am

    I have finally gotten to your blog and read it from beginning to now. Mike asked me in church one Sunday if I had seen it yet, and I sheepishly said no… not yet. He told me it was very funny and I had to see it. He was right. You have a wonderfully hilarious way of expressing yourself, and I enjoyed very much reading of all your adventures, thoughts, and rabbit trails.

  3. Mike permalink
    22 September 2008 8:25 am

    Run for your lives! Run to the Hills!

  4. 24 September 2008 11:12 pm

    I followed the link and watched the rest of the videos…holy crap. ‘He’s our promised seed’ sounds like an 80’s rock band singer I can’t quite place – help me! Baby brain attack! R.E.M. Whooo. I thought of it. (a bad R.E.M.) But the dude riffing on his ax while wearing a navy suit and tie is just bizarre. My brain is rejecting this. Abort, abort, does not compute!

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